Electric Cigarette Flavors: What Are They?

Most people who order any kind of electric cigarette, whether it’s a free trial kit or a starter kit, will only be provided with a small flavor selection. You can usually choose from tobacco, menthol and maybe a flavor like cherry or vanilla and that’s it. Companies are catching on that people have more varied tastes and have started offering larger flavor selections with starter kits and refills.

By having a huge assortment of flavors, one company can definitely stand out over another. If you compare the selection between BLU and NJOY for example, BLU has tons of interesting flavors available that you can order. This lets you switch cartomizers on the fly whenever you want for something new. NJOY sticks with the basic flavors and they are great but there’s not as much selection. A lot of flavors will appeal to some but others might find it overwhelming. It’s best to start off with tobacco or menthol then add different flavors over time.

Tobacco flavors

Obviously the most common flavor is tobacco. This is due to the familiarity of the taste when you first use an electric cigarette. Most people don’t want to go from their standard pack of Marlboros to something weird like buttered waffle flavor (though it’s pretty good). The most common flavors of tobacco are usually emulations of normal brands. Cowboy or Red will be Marlboro, Kamel will be Camel and so forth. Finding a good tobacco flavor to use as your normal flavor can make a huge difference in your ability to quit or substitute.

There’s some well known tobacco flavors that some people really seem to enjoy. The Hilton and Ruyan #4 are extremely popular tobacco types that have a mixture of different flavors behind them. Some companies offer these in their pre-filled cartomizers and they are worth a shot if you’ve started to get tired of regular tobacco flavor.

Menthol flavors

Menthol is really well done with electric cigarettes. They use the same type of menthol crystals that traditional cigarettes use so you can get a very similar taste and feel from them. There are also variations like mint that provide a more mellow menthol experience.

Food and drink flavors

Many companies offer flavors and refills that taste like foods and drinks you like. There’s everything from coffee to whiskey and cookies to candy bars. It’s a lot of fun to try these out and some popular flavors are: red bull, cupcake, margarita and french toast.

Funny flavors

You can find very unusual flavors on some websites that are made just for fun and are available in very small bottles. These could be “savory” flavors like roast beef or just plain strange like jalapeno or egg roll. It’s fun to try these out and they are usually very cheap but some are very strong and will ruin a cartomizer. You simply won’t be able to put a normal flavor back in without some residue of the previous one. These are best for gag gifts or just when you feel like trying something out of the ordinary on an old cartomizer.

It’s almost a hobby ordering and trying new flavors and many people will end up making their own eventually. This can be a fun thing to do as you experiment with different combinations and some even turn it into a side business.

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