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If you’re like me, you’ve had a love/hate relationship with cigarettes for years. You don’t really want them but you simply can’t go without them. You get irritable, stressed out and may have pretty noticeable withdrawals even after just a few hours without them. You’ll toss the whole house looking for money to go get a pack if it’s not close to payday and it can even be a priority in your life that you don’t want to be there at all.

Smoking is extremely difficult to give up and has been banned in so many places it’s hard to even do anymore. If you consider the price that seems to never stop going up, it’s just bad on many different levels. Some states have even started offering a quit smoking system free of charge to help you change your habits.


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Unfortunately, even with help it can be very difficult to quit smoking completely. Let me tell you about something that has already helped thousands of people quit smoking or be able to keep smoking in places where cigarettes are banned.

I first discovered the electric cigarette at a booth during a local festival. They were selling disposable kits at a discount so people were buying them up and trying them. They seemed very popular so I waited in line. When I got mine, I tried it immediately and I could tell it was the exact thing I needed to change my smoker’s lifestyle.

My problem wasn’t so much the nicotine but the act of smoking to relax. I like to inhale and exhale smoke and have something in my hand. I couldn’t make due with gum or lozenges but I did try them.

I brought my e-cig home and used it until it petered out then promptly ordered a large starter kit. Since then I’ve gradually cut down normal cigarettes until I stopped completely. Then I started lowering my nicotine levels on the refills until I got to 6mg which is about ¼ the amount of nicotine a normal pack of smokes has.

I can breathe better, can ride a bike long distances and do things I hadn’t done in years since eliminating normal cigarettes from my life. I feel like a kid again and have the energy I lost long ago. It’s an extremely liberating feeling when you first realize “hey I haven’t bought a pack of cigarettes in weeks!”

With the current free trial offer for electric cigarettes, now’s the time to act and see if you can change your ways. Thousands of people will agree that it’s a great way to supplement normal cigarettes in banned areas and can lead to a successful attempt to quit completely if you choose.

When you order the free trial, you will have 2 weeks to try it. If you feel like it’s not the right product for you, send it back and you won’t ever be billed at all. This is an amazing deal and who knows how long it will last so you should probably take advantage of it while you can. The FDA could decide to impose restrictions then these free offers from various electronic cigarette companies will vanish completely.